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Health Care Professional Reviews

Ken Redcross, MD

Board Certified, Internal Medicine Physician in New York, N.Y.
I have several patients with several different medical illnesses and to be able to offer them something if they start coming down with flu-like symptoms such as fatigue or achiness and know that it’s not going to interact in the medications that I have them on — that’s a win-win for both me and the patient.
For the flu, Oscillo should be in everyone’s house. You should have a package of that before the season starts because you want to start taking it at the first sign of flu-like symptoms.

Gary Kracoff, NMD, BS RPh

Johnson Compounding & Wellness Center in Waltham, Mass.

Medical experts in videos were compensated for their time by Boiron, the maker of Oscillococcinum.

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Biljana Uzelac, MD
Green Pediatric & Family Care, St. John, Ind.

I have been using Oscillococcinum for my pediatric and adult patients for the last 10 years, as well as for myself and my family.  It is hands down, my favorite over-the-counter medicine. It really brought back joy with treating my patients because it feels great to be able to alleviate your patients suffering from flu and flu-like symptoms.