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About Oscillococcinum®

The moment you feel tired or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud with Oscillococcinum, Nature's #1 Flu Medicine!

Clinical studies show that it reduces the duration and severity of flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills, and fatigue.*1-2

Oscillococcinum is easy to take. Pellets quickly dissolve under the tongue — no water, chewing, or swallowing is required. Individually-packaged doses are convenient to take anywhere so that you can be ready at the first sign of symptoms.

Unlike other flu medicines, Oscillococcinum is non-drowsy and has no known interactions with other medications or supplements. It won’t mask symptoms that may develop or indicate a more serious condition, which is especially important due to complications that may be brought on by flu. This product is recommended for everyone ages 2 and up.

Tube of Oscillo with pellets spilled out on work desk next to phone, sticky pad, mouse, laptop, eyeglasses, books, and coffee mug, in front of window with city in background

Used for almost 80 years and available in 50 countries, Oscillococcinum remains the overall best-selling flu medicine in France. For 14 years, Oscillo has been named by Pharmacy Times magazine as the #1 homeopathic flu medicine in the U.S.

Oscillococcinum is available in a box of 6, 12, or 30 doses.

1. Papp, R., G. Schuback, E. Beck, et. al. “Oscillococcinum® in Patients with Influenza-Like Syndromes: A Placebo-Controlled Double-Blind Evaluation.” British Homoeopathic Journal 87, no. 2 (1998): 69-76. doi:10.1038/sj.bhj.5800208.

2. Ferley, J.P., D. Zmirou, D. Dadhemar, and F. Balducci. “A Controlled Evaluation of a Homoeopathic Preparation in the Treatment of Influenza-Like Syndromes.” British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 27, no. 3 (1989): 329-35. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2125.1989.tb05373.x.