Love for Oscillo
“Oscillococcinum is an absolute life saver! I discovered it through my brother, who happened to be living abroad at the time. I went to visit him and was just starting to feel sick. He swore by Oscillo, and insisted that I take it. I’ve never taken anything else to stop flu-like symptoms since. I swear by this stuff now too — and have recommended it to many of my friends and family. Oscillo rocks!”

“My wife had me try Oscillo and Coldcalm and I have used them throughout the past two cold seasons with unbelievably good results. At the onset of symptoms, I have used either Oscillo or Coldcalm and have had a dramatic decrease in both symptoms and in the duration of colds and flu. I work in a public school setting and get an annual flu shot. I have had colds last for months, but not after using your products. Thank you, thank you!”

“I took Oscillococcinum in the store, as I was shaking and sneezing and chilling from fever. I was miserable and was only hoping to be well enough to travel in three to four days for a business trip. Instead, I was well the next day. It sounds impossible, but after three doses of Oscillo for three to four days, I was working and living normally while others in the family who had the same bug had been sick for a month. Thanks Oscillo! I bought out two stores just to make sure we have Oscillo in stock all the time!”

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