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Oscillo 30 Dose

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The Family Value Pack Boiron’s top-selling natural flu medicine is available in a 30-dose value pack—great for families and the everyday Oscillo user! Be prepared to nip flu-like symptoms in the bud. Keep Oscillococcinum 30 Dose on hand & take a dose at the first sign of symptoms! Non-drowsy. No drug interactions. Supported by clinical […]

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Tips for Flu Season

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9 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy During Flu Season Boiron offers the following tips on how to stay healthy this flu season and what to do if the flu bug bites: 1. Talk to your doctor. Get professional advice if you are at risk for complications from flu. 2. Wash your hands frequently. Flu […]

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Flu in the Workplace

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How Flu Spreads in the Workplace and What Can Be Done Flu can flourish in a workplace environment because of how the virus is spread. Flu is commonly spread from respiratory droplets that can travel up to three feet from the cougher or sneezer. Breathing in these droplets or touching something with the virus on […]

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Flu & Traveling

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Eight Reasons Why Travelers are More Susceptible to Flu Chris Gilbert, M.D., a general practitioner in Torrance, Calif., explains why travelers are more susceptible to flu and provides tips on how to stay healthy this flu season while traveling. 1. Travel can facilitate the spread of the flu virus through shared surfaces and air. It’s […]

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What Doctors Say

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Video Testimonial by Physicians Testimonial Video by Lauren Feder, MD Lauren Feder, MD Boiron’s Oscillococcinum for flu-like symptoms is recommended by Lauren Feder, MD, a family practitioner with the Center for Natural Family Medicine in Los Angeles, Calif. Testimonial Video by Ken Redcross, MD Ken Redcross, MD Board-Certified Physician, Internal Medicine Manhattan’s Physicians Group Testimonial […]

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What is Oscillo?

Watch this video to learn why Oscillo is the natural choice for fighting flu-like symptoms, including fever, aches and fatigue.


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